First Timers Visit Over Easter! Can we see it all?

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    Oct 16, 2015
    Seriously, Disney World needs to work on there lack of good Macarons! But I am guessing Macarons are harder to make in Disney World?! With the humidity? Maybe? I know they aren't easy to make.

    I don't know what it was before, but MaxPass is available to anyone but we had to pay for it, it was $10 a day per person. So for us $40 a day to be able to make fast passes on our phone (and not have to search for where the machines were) And stock pile them in the other park for the afternoon, which is what I did for Easter Sunday. And we got photo pass photos with it as well. It was a no brainer for us, for our short trip.

    Gwen is always looking over my shoulder while reading/writing these as well. She likes to teak me which emoji to use... I guess I forgot to mention that there was in fact a yeti. 2 in fact! Gwen didn't like it at all!
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    Oct 16, 2015
    Day One: It really is a small world after all!

    So, I left us off heading to our next destination, It's a small World! This is always a favorite in Disney World and I knew we needed to ride it here! I hadn't told the girls about the IP characters being in the ride, so I was excited to see if and when they would notice.

    [​IMG]It's a Small World Sign

    [​IMG]It's a Small World Facade
    I love the outside of Disneyland's! Sadly it was being refurb a little. But I tried to still soak it in. This is also about when it really sunk in that most of the lines were outside and not shaded. I made a mental note that we needed to put MORE sunscreen on!

    [​IMG]Lizard on Topiary's Nose
    I also really like the animal topiaries outside. The girls noticed this lizard on this one.


    [​IMG]IASW Horse Topiary
    And Gwen said this one was missing something.... It's horn... She said it was to be a unicorn.

    [​IMG]IASW Duck back up
    These ducks were swimming in the water and the CM had to wait till they left before they could let boats go. It was causing a back up for sure. Kind of funny.

    The wait wasn't too bad but we were all getting hungry for lunch so I think it felt longer than it really was. But finally we were on our boats!
    [​IMG]Morgan & Gwen on IASW

    [​IMG]The Happiest Cruise that ever Sailed!
    And we were in! I took a TON of photos but my iPhone made most of them blurry since it was a little dark in there and I was snapping so fast.

    [​IMG]IASW Sea Serpant
    I really liked this guy.

    [​IMG]IASW Kids
    I really liked the first room which was just these signs but they really set the stage for the ride.

    It didn't take long before the girls noticed the different characters. They were pointing and looking everywhere. It was really fun trying to spot them all and I think it was really well done the way they make them. I would love it if they did the same in Disney World.

    [​IMG]IASW Dolls
    Some of the Mexico Dolls

    [​IMG]Donald Duck IASW
    We found the 3 Cabellaros!

    [​IMG]Ariel IASW
    And Ariel! They also added in bits of the IP songs into the standard IASW music. And again done so well! At first I didn't notice it. They had a kid voice singing that clearly was to be Ariel singing. So cute.

    [​IMG]Lilo & Stich IASW
    Lilo was cute as well.

    [​IMG]Woody & Jessie IASW
    I also like that they have america in this version. Andy asked after if Disney World had America and I said nope. I have a soft spot for Toy Story. Probably one of my favorite Pixar movies!

    We all loved It's a Small World Disneyland version. And def wanted to ride it again to fully make sure we found all of the characters!

    After our ride, we decided we def needed to get lunch! We were all hangry!
    I don't know why I took this picture, but Gwen is pretty cute in it, so behold a cute pic of Gwen on the way to lunch!

    [​IMG]Storybook Land
    We passed Storybook land on the way, and commented on the fact we def wanted to do that while we were here.

    The girls have never seen Pinnochio, so they really have no idea who Monster is. They only know that in Disney Infinity there is a building block that looks just like that!

    [​IMG]Red Rose Tavern
    Finally we made it to our lunch destination! The Red Rose Tavern! I had checked some of the menus before we came and this one had a few things that sounded good.

    We walked in and I was bracing for a very busy restaurant. But it wasn't! it seemed like a strange anomaly. We went up and ordered and Andy and the girls went to find a table while I waited for the food.

    Gwen went Kids pizza. I didn't get a picture, but they looked like pizza in Disney World. Morgan went with the kids Hamburger and we totally should have ordered her the adult one. She took one look at it and was like no thanks. It was a small hockey puck sized burger that was was over cooked. No picture of that either, but trust me I didn't blame her, it wasn't appetizing looking.

    [​IMG]Short Rib Poutine
    Luckily, I had ordered this! And Morgan ended up eating some of the short rib meat off of these.

    What are those?
    Slow-cooked Beef Poutine
    Slow-cooked Beef and Gravy over Seasoned Waffle-cut Fries, Pickled Onion and Cheese Curds

    These were SOOOOOO good! I could have eaten these all by myself!

    And then Andy & I decided to share this as well.
    [​IMG]Roasted Cauliflower Sandwich

    Enchanted Cauli-Flower Sandwich
    Grilled Cauliflower Steak, Spicy Lime Aïoli, Tempura-battered Green Beans, Lettuce, and Tomato on a Toasted Roll, served with Pommes Frites or sliced Apples

    We have really grown to love roasted cauliflower and I loved that this was an option in the park. It was ok. Not bad, but we both felt that the cauliflower needed more seasoning. We should have asked for more Spicy Line Aioli but didn't. It hit the spot and we didn't feel gross after our meal so that was good.

    I also text the picture to my sister, as her and her husband are vegan.

    All in all we really enjoyed the food here and this would def be a regular spot for us if it was in Disney World. We checked out some of the decor before we left.

    [​IMG]Belle & Beast Stained Glass
    We were sitting near these 3 stained glass windows. So we had discussed which we liked the best.

    [​IMG]B&B Mosaic Stained Glass Window

    [​IMG]Beast's Castle Stained Glass Window

    [​IMG]Live Action Mrs. Potts
    I pointed this out to the girls and Gwen got a big kick out of the fact that it was from the live action B&B.

    I really liked that they had all of these stations to fill up your water bottles.
    [​IMG]Water Bottle Station
    Disney World needs these! You would think it would make things easier for the counter service places and they would save on cups? maybe?

    We peeked on the Gaston Side as we were leaving.
    [​IMG]Gaston with Antlers

    [​IMG]Red Rose Tavern Gaston Side

    And then headed out. We had a fastness to use and then we were thinking on heading back to the hotel to swim and rest a bit.
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    I love getting to ride with you all on Autopia. Our fam hasn't been on it in several trips, lots of good smiles - loved the driving shot of your little one. am completely MEH on Matterhorn too, I think I may be done with it for good. Cool shots on IaSW, love those little touches of the ride with Disney characters. That poutine looked great! Thank you for the tour of the Red Rose Tavern, we'll have to give it a try next time around :thumbsup2
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    Jul 18, 2010
    So love the original Disneyland version of Its a Small World. I have no idea why they haven't incorporated the characters into the WDW version. It definitely makes for a better experience.
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    Apr 4, 2006
    Aww, of course it's a cute one! I haven't seen a picture of Gwen and Morgan that isn't cute :cutie:

    This is genius! I never buy drinks at Disney, I always just refill my water bottle - but I'd prefer this to the water fountains for sure! :thumbsup2
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    Apr 27, 2012
    The Disneyland version of IASW really is so fun with the added touch of Disney characters!

    Glad you enjoyed your lunch. The inside of the restaurant is so cute!
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    Jan 22, 2007
    We love the IASW version at DL as well! Love seeing all the characters! :stitch2:

    Storybook Land is super cute!! Hope you get to ride it.

    That's funny they have the "prince with no pants" stained glass at DL as well!! :rotfl:
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    IASW is the only thing my Mom remembers from her one and only trip to DL when she was a little girl. She cries literally every time we ride it at WDW; it's so cute!! I had no clue they also put some of the IP songs into the ride when they added the characters! That's a pretty neat touch, especially since they did it seamlessly and you don't notice it right away.

    OMG that sounds incredible!!!!

    YES!! That would be wonderful, plus you'd actually be able to fill your bottle without tipping it sideways and not being able to even get it halfway full!
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    Oct 16, 2015
    We were def pleased with our meal. Granted we only got to try a few places but we were not disappointed! WE really enjoyed pretty much all of the food in Disneyland.

    Seriously. I would love if they did that eventually. We usually try and go on IASW at least once a trip.

    Right! This was the only one I noticed but if I was a local I am sure I would know where all of them were.

    I guess it was recently redone, so I am not sure what it was like before, but we enjoyed the Beauty and Beast overlay.

    Ha! I didn't even notice! But he does look like he has no pants on!

    It really was so well done. When you are in "agraba" you can hear it's a whole new world kind of overplayed. Now I wish I had taken some video!

    It was so good. I wish we had ordered 2! they also have poutine flatbread that I wanted to try, but Andy thought it sounded weird.

    I know! Unfortantly, we didn't have reusable water bottle on this trip, as I was trying to "Pack light" on this trip. :(
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    Oct 13, 2005
    Small World is another rides at DL that adds to the list of reasons for me to go. I want to see the characters in the ride.

    She is very cute.

    Yum. I could just see Gaston eating this.

    So many neat touches.

    This is the perfect touch!
  12. amazingact21

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    Nov 6, 2010
    Wow, your food selections sound a lot better than the standard QS fare in WDW. I'd love for them to bring over cauliflower sandwiches and all those water stations! Sorry that Morgan's burger wasn't good, though. I recently read a report where someone said they burned their kid's burger, too. Maybe since it's so small it's a common occurrence. Either way, kind of frustrating.

    Those stained glass pieces were all really pretty. Which one was decided as the favorite??
  13. MeghanEmily

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    Apr 21, 2016
    Loved your small world pictures! I'd love to see this version of the ride someday. It just seems faar superior to the WDW version!
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    Jul 22, 2005
    Reading along - it sounds like such a fun trip! I identify with Morgan a little bit. Unknown things make me feel very uncertain, and I'm the world's best gift-react-er ever if it's something I really like. I have to process first and go through a bunch of details in my head! I don't love the Matterhorn ride, but every few years I forget how rough it is or hope they've smoothed it out. ;-)
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    Sep 6, 2013
    I’m so glad you kept the IASW characters a secret, and I love that y’all were finding so many of them. I gotta get over to California already, lol!

    Lunch looks good! We’re not vegan, but I find we eat a lot of vegetarian or vegan meals on vacation, they do seem to feel less heavy, especially on hot days. Sorry about Morgan hockey puck, that’s really the worst.

    I totally agree on the water stations! In Detroit we have these fountains, I guess, that dispense cold, filtered water for your bottles. From a financial standpoint, Disney could not only save on cup, but likely make a killing selling adorable water bottles near the filling stations. Where do I sign that petition, lol!

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