You don't have to keep up with the Jones's

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  1. mercydisney

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    Apr 9, 2005
    I honestly feel that I am far better off then The Jones's. I have my family who unconditionally loves each other. I am able to go to Disney ( I live in Fl) and make it possible to have the best vacation on a budget. I do not feel the need to stay in a Deluxe. We have stayed in them and I personally feel that they are no different then the moderate.
    Jones's might have it all on the outside but not in the inside. For instance I have a very close personal friend who is wealthy. The type of wealth that she does not feel the need to buy annual passes, she figures she will pay as she goes and we go alot. Her immediate family has mental and health issues. Another friend went to Dubai and from the pictures she seems like she had a great time. Two weeks later she is getting a divorce.
    I think the older I get the happier I am with my life.
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    Dec 7, 2009
    I sometimes find myself getting caught up in "keeping up" during the planning stages - wanting to stay in the "nicest" hotel/eat at the "nicest" restaurant ... then I step back and remember on every single other trip we've ever taken (Disney or not) - the best memories are not the nice room or nice dinner - they're the funny moments and stories we experienced.

    It's about the adventure - and money will never be able to buy that!
  3. MimiOfTwo

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    Apr 21, 2014
    Never occurred to me to keep up with the "Jones's". I'm too busy trying to figure out how to get the best deal on the things I want for this I can put that savings toward the next one! Yes we do stay deluxe for convenience. We fly because it makes the trip more enjoyable. But I've never once thought about trying to keep up with anyone. Someone will always have more money than me. But that doesn't mean they have more fun.
  4. Zhoen

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Hehe! I couldn't keep up with Joneses if I tried, so I don't. I tell my children that the greatest thing they can have in this society is "enough." Lots of people with way more than us still never have "enough," other people have less than us and do have "enough." Our "enough" might not be enough for some people, and to other people, we might seem frivolous... that's just life. And, honestly, we have a special-needs child (google the poem "Welcome to Holland"), so we have to be *VERY* careful with scheduling and overstimulation and a billion little variables and often even that isn't enough. Keeping up with others would spell disaster for us, so we just do our best to keep up with ourselves, and we often have a pretty great time doing it!

    As far as vacation luxuries go, we just try to figure out what we want to do and balance it with what we can afford to pay cash for. I won't lie, if it was possible, I'd love to stay in the Cinderella castle suite, or the PoTC suite... just for a night, just to experience it... but an offsite condo with days off for just relaxing is more our speed at the moment. I'd love to fly, but it's way cheaper to drive, even with the cost of gas and spending a night in Savannah. Someday I want to stay at the Floridian because it's SO beautiful, and I'd like to have the high tea there on the fancy china... but in the meantime, we are resort-hopping on a non-park day and we will visit there, but first we are having a very-merry-unbirthday tea party lunch at the condo, and it's going to be adorable and much more appropriate for who we are at this point.

    We'll be bringing drinks and snacks with us most days to save a little money. On the other hand, we did BBB last time we went when the kids were little, and this time we are doing Pirates League for the youngest and a spa trip for the oldest, that's about $200 in add-ons, so it's a matter of priorities, really. We'd rather spend the money on experiences than sodas (Darth Vader cupcakes, however, are on the must-buy list...) The kids are too old for Pooh Bear and princesses, and too small to make it worthwhile for me to pay adult buffet prices for their tiny appetites, so instead of the buffets, we are doing BoG for our splurge character meal this time. It's someplace new, the theming looks AMAZING, and we can order what we want and share if people aren't hungry (or order extra if they are...)

    On these boards I've seen everything from the people who buy NOTHING in the parks to the people with a which-Dooney-to-buy-when agenda, and I think they all enjoy themselves in the end. It's about doing what works for YOU.

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