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Old 07-02-2014, 10:23 PM   #1
She lacks the indefinable charm of weakness
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"I See Dumbo!" our May 2014 TR with a toddler

I'm going to start off by saying this is my first TR, I started a PTR as you can see in my siggy but failed miserably. In the days leading up to our trip a week to be exact my father fell ill and ended up in the hospital, after several days in the ICU he passed away. Needless to say, the week leading up to our trip was hectic to say the least. We couldn't have planned our departure more perfectly, the stress and the sleepness nights from the prior week made this an even more special getaway for us all. So here goes, bear with me lol

Our cast:
Favorite Resort: Boardwalk...although AOA is a tie for some different reasons
Favorite Park:MK, Epcot-another tie impossible for me to choose
Favorite Meal: Hands down BOG Lunch, you will see why in this trip report
Favorite Ride: Soarin, everytime I ride and everytime I hear that music, makes my heart swell. I know I know but I love it, would LAAAAAVVVVVVE to see it upgraded to a new & improved video, but the current version is good with me.

Favorite Resort: AOA
Favorite Park: HS
Favorite Ride:Soarin

DD Macie-23 ms (21 at time of travel)
Favorite Resort:she loves em all lol
Favorite Park:MK
Favorite Ride:DUMBO & Aladdins Magic Carpets (more on that later)

One of our Photopass pics during our trip. I realize we were pretty far apart from the Mouse oops

So let's start on departure day, we left our humble abode at around 730 but after a quick pit stop at Mcdonalds for a coffee and some breakfast burritos it was around 8 before we got going. Yes, we drove, all 1800 some odd miles we drove. Our stop tonight was in Albany GA and there is really nothing eventful to talk about here. I was nervous about traveling with a almost 2 year old for that long of a stretch and for good reason. However she was an angel in the car! We made about 4 stops possibly 5 before we got to Albany. Each one setting us back about 30-45 mins behind schedule but we arrived somewhere around 1130-midnight. About the last hour and a half our poor girl started to BREAK DOWN she wanted out of that car seat but we made it.

A few things to note....I will not stop in Albany again, just because it was more out of the way than I realized and it slowed us down quite a bit. There were several hundred miles right through the middle of Georgia we had to make it through and while the traffic wasn't bad The max speed was usually 60 for about 10 miles then you hit a small town and it was back down to 35. This was irritating...very irritating. Another 'rule' if you will that I made for us in the event we drive again is to split the entire drive in 2 days not 1 and a half. Although as our DD ages I don't think the long drive will be an issue. 10 Hours ok, 13 in the car way too much. We loaded up the kindle with Frozen, Pirate Fairy and an episode of The NOtekins. Unfortunately that's all it would hold as I have a small kindle but we also had FantasylandMom's vacation videos which she LOVES to watch along with the Bosox family's vacation videos on our phones. Another thing that was great in the car for her was the small magnadoodle we got her. She loved it and the pen was attached so she didn't lose it.

We stopped at Arbys since it was right in front of the hotel we stayed at and grabbed some grub before bed. We didn't really stop much for food, it was more for diaper change and refueling-the car that is . All in all, very uneventful first day. Tomorrow morning though, the excitement builds! On our way HOME and a quickie shower before we meet the Snow Queen

My quick tips for toddler travel
-my girl HATED the lay down changing tables, so as long as she only had a wet diaper I figured out to just stand her up and change her. She still didn't like it but it kept her from throwing a fit and trying to hold her down while I changed her.
-Albany GA, no , the town looked ok where we were, we stayed over by the mall but too difficult to get to not to mention I thought I would google what Albany was all about while trying to catch some zzz. Apparently it is in the top 100 list of cities in the US where violent crime occurs.....then I couldn't sleep. Ak! lol
-Having snacks for our DD helped so much. Fruit snacks and some of the $1 tubs of cheez its etc. We also had packed a few small toys and a couple stuffies for her to play with in the car.
-Bedrails, get them, you will need them. I didn't think we would but Macie fell off her bed the first night. It took my breath away...thank goodness she had no bumps or bruises and was ok but it did scare her pretty bad.

That's it for now, next update coming soon, thanks for reading so far.....Here is a sneak peak and a link to our vacation video. We didn't realize we had the camera on the wrong setting but for a first timer editing video it turned out well I think
Our Disney Vacation Video
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Old 07-03-2014, 12:15 PM   #2
Earning My Ears
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I cant wait to read more I am braving Disney World this September with a almost 3 year old I figured its a trip really for me to see her reactions and being 2 still its the cheapest we will ever go. Sorry to hear about your Dad loosing a loved one is never easy.
Kaelyn : Mommy(Lindsay) Mandy(Me)
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Old 07-05-2014, 12:19 AM   #3
She lacks the indefinable charm of weakness
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Originally Posted by eboothecat View Post
I cant wait to read more I am braving Disney World this September with a almost 3 year old I figured its a trip really for me to see her reactions and being 2 still its the cheapest we will ever go. Sorry to hear about your Dad loosing a loved one is never easy.
Thanks, it was a very hard week prior to our trip but it just made it that much sweeter at the end. I know both my mom and dad were with us the whole way

Going with a toddler is never easy, but there are so many great moments. I will admit, the first day and a half for me were very...trying but once I kind of let go and relaxed a little things were better than expected. I've always gone to Disneyworld as an adult with friends and you know here on disboards you read about the meltdowns and the bad moments here and there but never really take them in I guess. I learned a few things along the way and overpacked a bunch! lol More to follow in the next day or two, family reunion coming up tomorrow so I may have time for update tomorrow night. Thanks for reading along
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Old 07-25-2014, 10:10 PM   #4
She lacks the indefinable charm of weakness
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Update coming soon! I just spent an hour typing it out and pressed a button on my laptop and the browser went back a page and I lost it So i'm going to try out my dole whip float I made from the Disney Diner site, will promise an update tomorrow
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Old 09-01-2014, 02:35 PM   #5
She lacks the indefinable charm of weakness
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Location: Tulsa Oklahoma
Posts: 344

The Struggles Real....

seriously...I am doing a HORRIBLE job updating this TR! I've had this typed out for a while just haven't posted it...so here it goes....

So here it goes….again….

I am going to preface this with saying that I did not keep good notes, note to self:take trip notes next time, so the times may be off I’m just going on memory here.

We got up and got everything down to the car and checked out around 9/930 and I grabbed some breakfast for DD, some fruit loops that went untouched, some milk and juice and DH some hard boiled eggs. We headed out excited and ready to see some WDW billboards! We made a stop at Loves on I-75 for gas and a potty break and we crossed into our mecca, Florida, around 10 that morning. So excited! A few observations, while I-75 is a highway built for speed, it is actually beautiful to me? Call me crazy, maybe it was the palm trees?

Around 2pm we finally saw this sign to welcome us ‘home’

I was a ball of nerves and excited at the same time. You see, I had booked an Anna & Elsa fastpass for the latest I could, 240-340 I think it was. And I needed to slip in the shower quickly. VERY quickly. So off to Animation Hall we went, another potty break then I quickly got in the online checkin line with my documentation. Within no time a cast member was checking to see if our room was ready and getting our packet together. Meanwhile DH and DD were cruising the lobby checking everything out. They were both so amazed and so happy to be here. I didn’t think we would need bed rails but quickly changed my mind after a rolling off the bed incident the night before so I requested 2 bedrails for DD when I gave my info to the cast member. I was afraid that we wouldn’t get them since I hadn’t pre-requested but to my surprise he said no problem, he would put the request in and they would be there within the hour. We had requested a ground floor, closest building to transport if possible, but ground floor with the toddler was more of a must for us. So a few minutes later we trekked back to the car with parking pass and hotel maps and info in hand, magic bands on our wrists to score an amazing parking spot in between the Ariel and Triton buildings. Grabbed some quick things from the car and headed to check out the room, we rounded the corner and found our home for the next 7 days

Magic Band worked like a charm on the door, inside the room was AMAZING, every little detail in place, a mickey towel animal and DD loved it. I immediately turned on Stacy of course, which she also loved while DH lugged in our bags. I grabbed my toiletries and started to shower and DH took DD outside to walk around and check out our surroundings.

By this time I think it was around or alsmost 3 as we headed to Animation Hall towards the bus stop. I was NERVOUS. This is the ONE fastpass we couldn’t miss! I learned a couple things on the bus ride, #1, we do not do crowded busses. I know this sounds a bit pretentious but it just did not work for us, it worked against us. I had the stroller and if I remember right a handful of refillable mugs, full of whatever they were full of, plus a backpack. DH had DD and trying to hold on so he wouldn’t fall. We had a terrible (hate to say that but its true) bus driver who was doing brake checks every little bit and these weren’t your normal oopsie brake checks, this was cars are stopping I need to SLAM on my brakes check. It was hot, stinky, crowded and we were cranky on that bus. DD was falling apart, she wanted down and didn’t understand she couldn’t get down, she was also hot, tired and becoming fussy. DH was hanging on for dear life, both his and DD’s, me, I’m just hanging on at that point but we finally made it and collected ourselves on the pavement lol We blazed through bag check and as much as I would have liked DH to video tape our first entrance to the MK as a family and DD seeing the castle for the first time, we had somewhere to be….in 5 minutes!

I had luckily done my research and knew that Princess Fairytale Hall was somewhere back behind the castle lol I use the term research loosely, anyway we hoofed it through the crowd and just as we were dodging people out side of Tonys we caught our first glimpse of the Steampunk dragon just as he was breathing fire. DH was all AHHH look at that thing! Lol I was like, come on, no time for that right now! DD is just….strolling :D So we make it back to Fairytale Hall and stick the stroller over in the parking area and make our way to the wrong entrance lol Anna & Elsa are at the other entrance, oh well, ok…….So then we run over there and I scan my band and…..GREEN, thank goodness we made it! Phew, I can calm down now, Lesson #3 for the day, do not go to park on arrival day with a toddler, just don’t. We went through a small queue and we weren’t sure how DD would take meeting her favorite princess and Queen from Arrendale, but she was a great sport. We had a dissign that RustMan Fan made that looked like an Anna jersey and I had an Anna bow made from Etsy. As you can see from the pics she was getting sleepy and this was her first intro to characters, she did ok with Anna/Elsa but Aurora was AMAZING. The Anna/Elsa we had were great with the older little girls but with ours Aurora was just better interaction. I wish I would have got some video because there were some cute moments.

After this, we headed towards main street wondering what to do, we headed towards the entrance hub and decided to cancel our other 2 fastpasses for the day and head back to the resort for a swim. MK was very busy that day anyway since it was a Sunday and we were just hot and cranky. This bus ride was much better but another lesson learned, DD must sit on her own when riding the bus, she does NOT want you to hold her. Very independent girl I have here. We suited up and headed to the splashpad for a bit then walked back around hourglass lake to the room to change. We decided to try out Landscape of Flavors for dinner. DH got the Pastrami Burger and me the Surf and Surf Burger. I had been looking forward to the Surf & Surf but I didn’t like it all that much. The crab cake was mostly filler. The Pastrami Burger was delicious though! DH was super impressed and loved it. We grabbed a half gallon of milk for DD and went to the Ink & Paint to look around where I found a beautiful Snow White shirt that I had to have RIGHT THEN! Lol Then we walked around in the Cars section where DD fell asleep and we walked back to our room and transferred her to bed.

(DH pastrami burger on left, my Surf & Surf burger on the right)

DD looks SO young here! She is such a big girl now

part of our daily trek back to our room. I miss the 'squishy' floor by the play area

I will do my best to update this more often! It does help lots when I type it out then all I have to do is add the pics.


Also a mini update:We have decided for our next trip to be in Sep 15. For many reasons, DD will be 3 and over the terrible 2's (hopefully) and she will be a lot more involved and excited about our trip. AND it gives us almost a year to pay it off.
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Old 09-04-2014, 07:19 AM   #6
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Joining in!!!

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Following along!
DD (2)
Lindsey Jeff

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