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Old 06-11-2008, 10:09 PM   #166
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While Eamon slept and we ate and drank, we knew we had to get him a second inexpensive light saber. He had asked for both green and blue, and it seemed to make sense, to have two. Also, we still felt very guilty for having misplaced it. We are strict about many things, but in other ways he is very much a cosseted child, and we wanted to make up for the loss of the first saber.

So after we were done, as he started to wake up, we left and slowly wandered out of our beloved DCA. We probably stopped back at lost/found just in case.

E fell back to sleep.

Went to Disneyland and savored it again. At this point, hubby had admitted that he was a true Disneyland fan. Well thank goodness, it certainly took long enough! He told me that the way I had planned this trip, and reacted to things going "wrong" (like my blisters) made the trip even better for him than the others, and he felt that E felt the same way. He was glad we had scraped to send me on my solo trip, and welcomes further solo trips for me as well.

We went to Tomorrowland, and went into Star Traders. Now, something we said earlier kind of backfired, or at least confused Eamon, here. On another day, before we had totally realized that it was an adult that lost the saber and we were still not set on replacing anything, we told Eamon that the only way you could get into Star Traders was to go on Star Tours. At that moment none of us wanted to go on it, so that was 'safe'. I know I know, it's truly the chicken's way out of a difficult conversation, but remember, he was blaming me for negative things from the beginning of the trip, and I couldn't take it anymore. Anyway, he believed us.

So we walked into Star Traders, we grabbed another $10 saber, I looked around and found a cute keychain I wanted (Molly souvenir count = 3). I love keychains, and I was about to need another "main" key chain. Since we were moving out of our snazzy apt building, I didn't want to use the *heavy* keychain they gave us upon move-in, so you can see this was a need.

We bought the stuff and on our way out, E started waking up. He realized where we were, and expressed great joy about the second light saber!

But then he asked, a bit warily, with his sleepy voice..."why you take me on Star Wars ride while I was sleeping?"

Uh oh! Poor kid thought we would take him on something like that while he was sleeping!!!! It was kind of funny and yet sad (and a bit embarrassing) at the same time.

We told him we found a secret way in...yeah, I know I know, we still couldn't take responsibility for our decisions. It's really not usually our parenting style, but...well, maybe someone out there will be a dear and understand.

Our very last stop inside the parks was to.....have a silhouette done! It was FAST and painfree. A kid his age they have sit on a parent's lap. The kid stares forward at a collage of Disney character stickers and the artist asks the kid to find various pictures. Be we knew it, she was done. And as many have mentioned, they make two at once.

We cheaped-out on ourselves and did NOT buy a frame, so it was only 7.54 including tax. Silly decision, b/c once we left we knew that I was still me, and me, er, I am a bit too relaxed when it comes to framing things. Oh well.

I don't have the scanner set up and I don't feel like taking a picture and whatnot, so I'll just show you the silhouette the artist worked from (minus sunglasses).

Went back to the hotel, retrieved the laptop we had left in the luggage room, got in the car and headed back to San Diego. Robert had decided to drink a soda or something like that, and started passing out while driving the Durango about 10 minutes on the highway. So we stopped in San Juan Capistrano and swapped (we were going to switch earlier, but then he DID fall asleep and the yell I let out to wake him up scared the heck out of him and kept him awake until we hit SJC), and I drove home.

Picked up dinner, got back to brother's, had a nice evening. Brother and hubby chatted in the jacuzzi part of the pool, I read a book while Eamon went to sleep early, SIL went to sleep early b/c she works her heiny off as a 5th year associate lawyer. At around 1 the next day we headed out to the airport and they dropped us off. Encountered a nasty Jet Blue ticket agent who refused to listen to me say that I didn't understand her, but that I appreciated her giving us the gate-check ticket for the stroller, and as I thanked her...and she ended up leaping out over the scale, angrily, to wrap the gate-check ticket around the stroller handle. Turns out she had to see us put it on, and she thought I was telling her I wouldn't (while I was thanking her, and smiling, and expressing delight...whatever). Robert understood this, so WHY he couldn't have stepped in to explain it to me (or her) is unknown to me, but that happens sometimes.

Got on the plane, had grumpy Jet Blue employees on the plane, but we all made it back safe and sound, even though we still had to take public transit home (WHY they send a "coach" style public bus, with the tall seats and narrow aisles, but NO use of the under-bus luggage bins, on the airport run I have NO idea, but at least the ride was comfy after we smashed everyone in the aisles on the way to our seats).


Blisters hurt.

Blisters can slow a person like me down, and that can make family members very happy.

Star Tours, Screamin', Grizzly, and Soarin' are wonderful rides.

I miss IASW.

We should have just bought Premium APs from the beginning; I hate having to worry about blockout dates.

I the Cove Bar.

I liked meeting Dis'ers!

I can survive a trip without watching a parade (I only saw a moment of the PPP).

I don't know why, but...I just love being at DCA and Disneyland. The sights, sounds, smells...the rides, most of the food, the benches...the cleanliness, the cats! (we saw a couple, did I mention that?), the potential whenever you get there, that you could have a magnificent time that you and your family will remember, in some way (whether fuzzily or perfectly or even just in pictures) forever. I guess that's sort of an explanation, but how I got to this place I really don't know. 8 years ago I would have laughed really hard at all of this. But here I am! Already thinking about the next trip, whenever we can take it.

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Old 06-11-2008, 11:32 PM   #167
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Thank you Molly for sharing your trip with us. I love hearing about what others do on their vacations and seeing things through their eyes. Not being a good story teller myself I really appreciate that talent in others and you do a great job at telling a story. And I like that you didn't leave out the not so happy or perfect parts. We all know that even under the best of circumstances vacations can also cause stress, especially when people are tired or hungry or bored or whatever, and to have you share those tense times and child meltdowns makes it real and makes the rest of us that have those same things happen not feel quite so bad when it does. I've read some TRs where every day is perfect. And I hope it really was for them but on my vacations there is always something, usually minor, but something that is not so perfect. Oh, and pictures, pictures, pictures - I loved them! Its always sad when I get to the end of a TR because I feel like my vacation is ending too... hmm I wonder if I get way too involved? ...but I love coming and reading about other people's trips because it helps me get through the waiting for mine.

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Old 06-12-2008, 12:09 AM   #168
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A very enjoyable report. As an adult now, the family vacations I look back with the fondest memories of are the ones when we went to Disneyland. So many happy memories there. You are creating memories for your family that they will treasure forever. E will rememeber these visits and ones that come in the future.
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Old 06-12-2008, 12:58 AM   #169
Errrr... what?
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What a wonderful trip report! You have a definite flair for writing. I've so enjoyed reading it, and seeing the pictures! Thanks for sharing.
Avalon (aka Gail)
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Old 06-12-2008, 10:32 AM   #170

By the way, the foregoing is not LEGAL advice
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Wonderful trip report--it was fun to hear about your adventures after we met.

Looking forward to the next time I can see you!

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Old 06-12-2008, 04:09 PM   #171
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Thanks, guys!

I always feel very boring in my trippies, but that's mainly b/c I started reading trip reports by Utahmama, and she is the master (mistress?) of incredibly good trip reports. Anyone who hasn't read her reports, go find them and spend the next week or two reading them.

Toocherie, I just read your little report on TSM on the disabilities board...what a bummer that they aren't really set up well! I hope they change it around soon. And what's that about having stairs at the exit? Did they lose their minds at some point? Did they use two architects and their plans didn't meet up, and UNlike on the day the two sides of the Chunnel were connected, they realized there was an elevation problem? Hello, ramps? Anyway, I'm sad on your behalf that it's such an imperfect set-up on that brand new should be perfect ride.

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Old 06-13-2008, 05:45 PM   #172
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I posted this in the main forum, but in case someone is only over here today...

I have 4 sets, right now, of DL/DCA maps that I can mail out. If anyone reading wants a set, PM me with your name and address, and I'll get them out asap.

Today I put my blingy Mickey keychain on my keyring. Figured it was better than wearing my Pooh ear barrettes!

Made weight goal 1yr8m8days after starting...currently maintaining 85 lb loss thanks to Weight Watchers!
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Old 06-13-2008, 07:03 PM   #173
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C'mon, Molly! You mean you don't want to wear your Pooh ears when you are out running errands?
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Old 06-13-2008, 07:47 PM   #174
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Well I want to. But the looks I got a couple times after leaving the DLR gates during our trip were kind of embarrassing. Like, you know, checking out of HoJo with them on (b/c we were on our way to the parks for the day!) and wondering why he kept looking above me...

But then again, while walking around downtown today, going to the post office and such, I saw a guy wearing blankets and not seeming to care...so if he can wear blankets, why can't I wear ears?

Made weight goal 1yr8m8days after starting...currently maintaining 85 lb loss thanks to Weight Watchers!
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Old 06-15-2008, 11:05 PM   #175
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It's so fun to look on the trip report page, to see what other trippies I should read, and to see the number of views of my report go up and up.

I thought I was done, and was resisting putting just "chat" in here without anyone asking questions or making comments so I could disguise them, LOL, BUT I remembered something!

DangerMouse's mini trippie in the ladies only thread on the main forum reminded me!

When we watched the fireworks in September from near IASW, we saw a little blob of light that seemed to be Tinkerbell. When we or I saw them in Dec or Jan, we or I thought we saw Tink, but couldn't really figure out what the big deal was.

When we saw the fireworks in May, even though we were having issues with how relatively little we could see b/c of the trees, when Tinkerbell came out, it was amazing!!!! We could actually see HER, not just a blob of light, and she went back and forth a gazillion times. It was very cool.

Made weight goal 1yr8m8days after starting...currently maintaining 85 lb loss thanks to Weight Watchers!
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Old 06-29-2008, 04:28 PM   #176
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ok i cant belive i didnt know about this post i fill bad lol
were intrested in the BYO sabors..what is it about? How much dose it cost. do the others not light up only the byo ones? do they have dubble ones? (i think darth mauls)
I am so sorry your son lost his i would be so bummed.

my son wants to go on tot but me my self i dodnt know if he would like it. I'm afraied hed get to scared. But if your 4year old did it maybe i should just let my 6year old its like the only thing he wanted to do with me last time and well i made up some reason for me not to go..lol

Grate pics and trip report even the pre trip stuff makes me think about planing for mine
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Old 07-01-2008, 08:14 PM   #177
Ew maybe the dolls dance all night. *shudder*
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This thread has made me very...very...very hungry.
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Old 07-10-2008, 04:33 AM   #178
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Molly, I loved your report! I just can't sleep tonight and it was the perfect way for me to enjoy some late night (or early morning) alone time! I love the way you write.

And thanks again for your help with the Anabella vs. Hojo dilemma I was having!

Have stayed at: Poly, OKW, CBR, CSR, POR, POFQ, Pop, ASMO, ASSP, ASMU, BWV, SSR, DLH, GCH & PP. And seven wonderful nights on the Magic!
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