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Disneylvr 01-22-2014 08:23 AM

Special Needs Stroller vs. Transport Wheelchair
Since DD has now outgrown our MacClaren Major stroller we planned on buying a Convaid Metro 16". They are $950. DD doesn't necessarily need it for mobility although she doesn't have the stamina to walk 7 or 8 miles a day in WDW. We use it more for eloping issues in very crowded areas, to help with waiting in line and to give her a defined space when she becomes overwhelmed in crowded & loud situations. Now I am second guessing my decision and wondering if we should simply purchase a transport wheelchair which is in the $125-$150 range. Any thoughts? We do encourage her to walk as much as possible but there are times when it just isn't safe or we need to keep her from entering others' personal space.... We do not use it when simply going to the grocery store, Target....but will use it at the baseball stadium, zoo, WDW and other less frequently visited places.

SueM in MN 01-24-2014 10:30 AM

If she doesn't need a lot of positioning support, a transport wheelchair might do very nicely for her.
If it doesn't work out, you could probably sell it easier than a special needs stroller since there are more groups of people who might need a transport wheelchair ( elderly or disabled family member who can walk some, but not distances).

A couple of other things to think about:
- depending on your insurance, they may pay most of the cost for a special needs stroller. Check that out first - the benefit would come under 'durable medical equipment'. If they would cover, check what documentation you would need and also what the copay would be.

- I believe you can get a 'transport option' on a Convaid Metro. That would allow you to safely have it tied down on WDW buses with her riding in it.
Transport wheelchairs are not meant for that and the frame could get bent if tying it down ( they are usually lighter weight and fold differently than 'typical' wheelchairs).

- seatbelt is probably included in the Convaid and would have to be added to a transport wheelchair.

Disneylvr 01-25-2014 10:22 AM

Thank you Sue. We don't use Disney buses so having a stroller or wheelchair with tie downs isn't really necessary. Insurance has already denied a stroller for Maddy but we do have other funding available to us. However the process would take quite a bit of time and it wouldn't be completed by May which is when our next trip is. I think we may just go with the wheelchair for now and see how it goes. Like you said, we could probably easily sell or find someone in the family that needs a wheelchair. Our May trip isn't a certainty at this point since we are still waiting to see if DD's school year is going to be extended due to excessive snow days but I am still trying to plan in advance hoping we can still go!

Disneylvr 03-10-2014 11:35 AM

Has anyone had experience using this wheelchair in the parks?
Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Transport Chair

I found it on Amazon.

Disneylvr 03-26-2014 05:28 AM

Bought the Convaid stroller yesterday so we are one step closer to being ready for our WDW trip next month.

ghost1000 05-13-2014 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by Disneylvr (Post 51043206)
Bought the Convaid stroller yesterday so we are one step closer to being ready for our WDW trip next month.

What do you think of it? We are investigating options for our 7 year old for the same reasons you cited.


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