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Icecoldpenguin 11-01-2012 10:34 AM

Hilton Downtown Disney Review
I would like to preface this post with the following: This was my first off property stay ever and I did not necessarily have high expectations but I definitely did have expectations of a property so close to Disney

With that said here is what I have to say about the Hilton at Downtown Disney

When I arrived via the Mears Shuttle it was right around 12:30-1pm there was quite a line for the front desk. It took about 30 min for me to get the counter and I was 2nd in line. Once I go to the front desk I had another guest from the hotel come up and interrupt me and move me over so that they could have their complaint addressed. The did nothing to stop this and helped that guest over myself who had been waiting patiently.

Once I was finally helped my credit card for some reason was not working to hold the reservation and they told me at first that they would have to shorten my reservation even though my husband and I are gold hilton honors members. Then they agreed that they would guarantee my reservation if I could come back with my husband when he arrived with our other credit card. This whole process literally took another 30 min. When I asked about what time the busses for Disney came she said every 30 min. and I had just missed one. Well my guess is I would not have missed it had she helped me when she was supposed to. She told me she could give me my key but my husband would have to come get his when he arrived. I told her that was ridiculous and that I would need his key now. She then never gave me a map of the property, a disney times guide, a bus schedule or anything else to assist me. She told me my room number and gave me my keys I had to actually ASK HER where the elevators were to get to my room!

Once I got to my room it had not been inspected by the hotel manager but it was clean. I headed out to Disney and did not even bother to ask for walking directions to Downtown Disney I just figured it out for myself.

This experience checking in was it for me. I called my husband and told him I would NEVER again be ok with staying off property and definitely not at the Hilton. I was disappointed in their service and the lack of decent guest treatment.

I met him back at the room when he arrived and we made reservations at the Swan for the next night. That next morning we left and never looked back!

I am sure there are some that have had great experiences but this was mine and I can assure you that if I need to stay off property my only option will be the swan or dolphin.

bcrook 12-02-2012 12:58 PM

I wonder if this is one of those situations where the hotel is always fully booked because of location, and they just don't have to care about customer service. Your experience was not good. Being a gold card member, I was looking at booking the Hilton for March, not so much now.

Thanks for the report.

Courtpaige 03-23-2013 04:54 PM

Good information. We are also Gold Hilton Honors members and are seriously considering staying in one of the 4 Hilton properties nearby because it will be significantly cheaper for the type of room we want due to reward points and the like. The HBC is getting such rave reviews in the other thread.

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